Imagine all the people...

Join us for a congress on environmentalism and solidarity!

Imagine a world where a good life is accessible for everyone. Where people of diverse origins and religions encounter one another in peace and respect. Where resource consumption is limited to an amount that does not harm our planet. Where cities are green, offering lots of space for community and celebration.

Imagine all the people...

How do we picture a good living for ourselves and for everyone around the world? What is our vision of a bright future?

Imagine all the people...

Seven million people, one world. How can we protect natural resources, the climate and our environment so that our planet remains a habitable place for future generations?

Imagine all the people...

How do we want to live together? How can we be self-conscious and express our diversity – without fear of oppression or intolerance? And how can we create a transcultural society of solidarity and respect?

If finding answers to these questions appeals to you, then our youth congress is your place to be! Join us along with many other young folks from September 29th until October 2nd in Verden (Aller) near Bremen. The congress is organized by the youth environmental network JANUN and the Project Klima-Challenge (Climate Challenge). Plenty of workshops focusing on shaping society, protecting our climate, and DIY / hands-on practice are awaiting you. Plus you‘ll get to meet exciting people, bring in your ideas and talents, see live shows and so much more!

So what‘s the Herbstspektakel?

Directly translating to „autumn spectacle“, the Herbstspektakel has been bringing together youngsters at different venues in Lower Saxony for over 20 years. The environmentalist youth network JANUN organizes this annual meeting as a participatory space, inviting an interested young public to join and shape these four days of discussion and learning, exchange and extravaganza.

Wanted: your ideas and initiative!

We need you to plan and to realize this wonderful event. The participants‘ ideas and initiative is what lets the congress come to life. You‘re welcome to join our preparatory meetings, where you can get updates on the congress and see how you‘d like to get involved. Feel like crafting decoration, organizing a congress café or doing some practical preparation at the congress venue? Then become a member of our phenomenal planning team!

Drop Franziska an e-mail at

Organisational matters

Where? We‘re using the beautifully renovated rooms of the Center for Sustainable Construction Norddeutsches Zentrum für Nachhaltiges Bauen in Verden, a 15 minutes‘ walk from the train station

Accommodation: There are approximately 40 sleeping places at the Ökozentrum Verden. Additionally, we‘ll put up some yourtes (large tents) on a near-by sports ground. So there will be ample space for early birds as well as sleepy heads. If you prefer, ou can also bring your own tent. At any rate, we aim to spend a fun and relaxing four days together!

Food and Café: A cooking team will provide us with three daily vegan meals made from mostly regional ingredients, supported by our helping hands.
In between meals, you can get sweet snacks, hot and cold beverages at the congress café run by volunteers.

What should I bring?

  • Sleeping bag and mat
  • Things to give away at the free shop (where participants can leave things they no longer need and take for free whatever they can use, i.e. clothes, books, games and gadgets)

  • Clothes or fabric you‘d like to print something on

  • Games, musical instruments et cetera are always welcome!

  • A statement of consent from your parents or legal guardians, if you‘re a minor

  • Ideas, friends and anything you do not want to miss!