Planting seeds for a (R)Evolution! - Workshop on shaping the future

Saturday, 1.6.24 - 16:20-18:15 h with Niklas Knabe from jAbL Lüneburg (Young Working Group for Rural Agriculture)

This workshop can be held in English.

Become part of the agricultural revolution!

What could an agriculture that enables an environmentally friendly future look like? Which paths can lead us there? And what contribution can we personally make today?

We explore these questions from the perspective of rural agriculture. In doing so, we will learn more about existing solutions, discuss challenges in the agricultural turnaround and want to find personal answers for our contribution to sustainable agriculture.

About the speaker: Niklas is a member of the Lüneburg Young Farmers' Association (jAbL). He is studying environmental sciences at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg and is writing his bachelor's thesis on agroforestry.