Critically changing the world together

JANUN is a network of youth groups involved in nature and environmental protection of Lower Saxony.

What is JANUN?

What does JANUN stand for? Who are the people who bring this network to life? What are the Brüter, KoRa and Deli? How can i participate and become part of this network? In this video, Neele und Jörn, who are both members of the board, can give you answers to all of your questions.

I participated in a voluntary service (FÖJ) at JANUN. Now i am a member of BUNDjugend in Lüneburg and on top of that an active member of the Brüter.

Neele hat 2017/18 ihr FÖJ bei JANUN gemacht.

A friend of mine introduced me to JANUN and now i help to organize the statewide board out of Göttingen

Jörn ist seit 2018 bei JANUN aktiv.
Silent Climate Parade
Picture from the Silent Climate Parade Photo: Stefan Koch